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        Sichuan province shifang gold big chemical co., LTD-Is a company specializing in the production of phosphorus chemical industry in sichuan province in China series and so on。The geographical position is rich in resources,The transportation is convenient,Neighboring to cotton double line at a high speed,The railway station from two crossroads1000M。The company was founded in1996Years,Over the years has been engaged in the development and production of phosphate。The company has staff65More than one,Among all kinds of engineering and technical personnel20People,Total assets5000Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of11000Square meters。
        The company mainly produces fine industrial grade phosphoric acid and phosphate chemical products,Annual production capacity of main products:Industrial phosphoric acid15000Tons,Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate3000Tons,Potassium dihydrogen phosphate13000Tons,Trisodium phosphate1000Tons,Optimal level low arsenic diammonium phosphate3000Tons。Gold big chemical import and export right,Products are exported to Europe and the United States、The Middle East、Southeast Asia、South America and other countries and regions。

Address:Sichuan province shifang MaZu Town

Contacts:Yang Kelvin zhou

The phone:0838-8502278/8502276


Company email:jinda@shuersi.cn



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