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  Xuan burning natural gas co., LTD. Is located in xuan city economic and technological development zone,Distance“XuanWu”Xuancheng west railway station only at a high speed200M,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company was founded in2004Years9Month,Is xuan xuan city people's government for urban natural gas……

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  • Basic knowledge of natural gas
    Natural gas is a kind of combustible gas,It produces in the oil field、Coalfield and marshes,Is buried in the ground in biology,After one hundred million years of high pressure、High temperature, and so on。According to the gas source can be divided into natural gas in natural gas、Oil associated gas、Condensate gas gas and gas mine。
  • Gas safety use common sense
    The fuel gas appliances have a life The fixed number of year will have to change

The phone:0563-2626816


Customer service telephone:0563-3029777

Accident alarm calls:0563-2020300

Address:Xuan city economic development zone(Po shing road)

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