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  Jiaozuo crown tong chemical co., LTD,Is located in the famous scenic tourist yuntai shanxi,Snow lotus road is located in jiaozuo west industrial agglomeration area station,Is an enterprise specializing in the production of food grade calcium chloride in henan province。The company was founded in2000Years,In2004In moving industrial agglomeration area。Products after years of studying,Continuous improvement and continuous improvement,Based on the material characteristics of calcium chloride produced by spray drying equipment,Solve the traditional process caused by the production of calcium chloride corrosion and secondary pollution problem caused by products。Production of powder、Granular food grade anhydrous calcium chloride,Product purity content can be achieved96-99%,Powder fineness300Around the eyes,Instant dissolved,Content is high,No impurities。Existing fixed assets650Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area10000Square meters,Has two production lines of food-grade calcium chloride,Produce high quality calcium chloride8000Tons,Advanced equipment and complete product testing technology,Meet and exceed the quality indicatorsGB1886.........

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